Tooth Fairy for Mac Released

I got a PowerBeats3 as a new year gift. It’s powered by W1 exactly as AirPods. Although it’s not as wireless and light weight as AirPods, it has all the benefits I wanted: water proof, physical touch control and not as easy to lose as AirPods.

The feature I like the most is how it connects to my devices. I use my earphone mostly during work and always need to switch the connection between my Mac and iPhone. Before PowerBeats3, I used a Beats Solo 2. It’s already quite easy to do the switching. All I have to do is to disconnect, which can be done from the Solo 2, and then connect by selecting from the other device. PowerBeats3, as AirPods and all the other earphones powered by W1, make it easier by skipping the disconnect step. You can just select connect from the device you want and done. On a Mac, it means you need to click on the volume icon or bluetooth icon from the menu bar and select the earphone from the popup menu. Simple, right? But can it be simpler?

So, here’s how Tooth Fairy comes. It’s a very simple app. It removes one more step to build the connection from your Mac to the bluetooth device you choose with just a single click on the menu bar icon, or even more, one hotkey so that you don’t need to go through the menu to identify your bluetooth device again.

If you like the idea, you can find the Tooth Fairy App at Mac App Store. If you have any thoughts or suggestion, just let me know.