Tooth Fairy 2.3 - A Nerdy Release

Last month, I received an feature requesting email for Tooth Fairy. It’s about an interesting issue of using AirPods.

Normally, when you use AirPods on a mac for output only, they use AAC as active codec.

But if you use AirPods as both input and output, for example using it as mic with Skype or FaceTime, macOS drops the output codec to SCO, which is much worse than AAC.

You can have a try by opening the system preferences’ Sound pane while listening music. The dropping of sound quality is quite noticeable. The dear user of Tooth Fairy avoided it by switching the audio input to the built-in mic every time AirPods were connected. He used a command line tool to achieve it and hoped Tooth Fairy could automate the process.

It’s not something that needed by everyone. Most of us just ignore or bear with it or even don’t notice it at all. But it’s not hard and can make those who do care really happy. So, why not?

In Tooth Fairy 2.3, I added a new mode called “Audio Output Only”. If you enable the mode for a headset device, it will be used as audio output only and the system sticks to the previous input device.

Furthermore, the long time requested feature - running shell scripts after connect/disconnect - is also supported in the 2.3 release. I moved all the these less frequently used options to a separate sheet.

Now Tooth Fairy 2.3 is on App Store. It’s not a big update for everyone. Just hope someone will love it.