FrontLog Best Practice Tips

Our team have been using FrontLog for task management for quite a while. I’d like to share some tips on how we use FrontLog in our daily work.

Keep Inbox Empty


Inbox is good place to collect new tasks and get notification of task updates. It’s a good habit to always archive reviewed inbox items and keep inbox clean. Add star to the tasks you are focusing on or want to access frequently. You can always find tasks assigned to you in the “Next” folder and the tasks you assigned to other people in “Assigned” folder. So, you don’t need to pile them in the inbox.

Use Board For A Meeting

If you have a list of tasks to discuss in a meeting, FrontLog board is a good point to start.

First, you can add all the tasks you want to discuss and all the attendees in the board. Then, you can send the meeting notice in the board. All the attendees will get the notice in their inbox. During the meeting, you can add meeting notes, modify the task list, make assignment, etc. With the instance sync of FrontLog, everyone, even the ones attending the meeting remotely, are on the same page with the board. After the meeting, you can add a meeting minutes and close the board if you like. Everything is tracked.

Use Board For A milestone

As long as FrontLog supported board, we began to use it for each of our release.

Create a board for the milestone, release or sprint. Board has a feature to apply the tags of the board to all the task in the board. Add a tag of the milestone to the board and each task created in or added to the board inherit the tag automatically, which is very convenient for identifying and searching. It’s also very easy to move tasks between boards just by dragging and drop in the boards view. All the actions are tracked in the event log.


Keyboard Navigation

You can use arrow keys to navigate in the task list. Press right arrow key → to go into a task and press left arrow key ← to get back.

You may also find following shortcut keys useful:

  • shift-⌘-X to archive a task from the inbox.
  • ⌘-T to star/un-star a task.
  • shift-⌘-A to pop up the assign to menu.

Use Mention To Include A Watcher

If you want to add a member to the watch list of a task, there’s a good way to do it. Just mention the member when you add a comment. The mentioned member will be added to the watch list automatically after the comment is submitted.


update 2015-11-01 Project FrontLog has been suspended.