Lu Yibin 陆亦斌

Github: robin

Linkedin: Lu Yibin


Web application solution and development

Database design and management

iOS/macOS application development

Agile development

Open source contributor

Proficient English verbal and written communication skills

Skills & Expertise

Ruby / Ruby on Rails

Objective-C / Swift / Cocoa

Database: MySQL, SQLite, SQL server, Couchbase

Working experience on Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris

Work Experience

Software Design Engineer at IN-SRC Studio

April 2007 - now

Build and deploy web applications based on Ruby on Rails/MySQL/Linux and iOS/Mac applications, both intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs, for clients from China to United States.

Cofounder at CAIBANGZI.COM

April 2007 - January 2014 (6 years 10 months) is an online personal investment management service. It helps people to track the performance of their investment on mutual and closed end fund. It also provides a lot of useful analysis tools to evaluate the status of the investment. We grew 110k registered users in our first year of launch. is built on open source technology including Ruby On Rails, MySql, Linux and etc. My responsibility including architecture design,front/back end implementation and system maintenance.

Software Design Engineer (Level II) at Microsoft Windows Live China

October 2005 - March 2007 (1 year 6 months)

(C++/SQL Server)
Working on an innovation project initiated from Microsoft Research for bulk system management. Delivered a workable version in short time into the production environment which met critical performance requirement with extensibility and scalability. Working for Global Business Intelligence of AdCenter which provides statistic reports of Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Search. Taking in charge of knowledge transfer from US team to China team for the part of pipeline. Developing new features for one release.

Software Engineer at Sun Microsystems

May 2002 - October 2005 (3 years 6 months)

Worked in the browser team. Cooperated with and took in charge of releasing mozilla/firefox into Solaris. Responsible for porting Mozilla/Firefox on GTK2 to support GNOME 2 which was selected as the preferred desktop system on Solaris. Making sure the browser working well with various plug-ins including Java/Flash/Realplayer on Solaris and Linux. Achieving reasonable IE compatibility for major customers. Provide technical consultant and support for web applications from major customers like Siebel. Regular contributor to and GNOME community. Membership of GNOME Foundation (2002-2004). Having check-in permission of since 2002/10. Released Mozilla 1.2/1.4/1.7 on Solaris and Java Desktop System as developer. Leading the release of Firefox 1.0 on Solaris and Java Desktop System. Owner of a patched Firefox with extended IE compatibility (

Software Engineer at Lucent/Bell Labs, China

July 2000 - May 2002 (1 year 11 months)

As a software designer, implementing telecommunication network transition layer protocols. Subsystem owner of Trap/Trace and secondary owner of GSMMAP. Supported the platform in United States for three months.

Project Highlights

**FrontLog for Mac/iOS ** July 2014 to August 2015 (Objective-C, Ruby on Rails, Couchbase)
A cloud-based task Management Tool for Mac OS X and iOS designed for team work. Worked as the project owner. Designed and developed the server based on Couchbase and ruby on rails, the Mac client and the shared models for iOS client.

EZCall August 2010 to January 2015

(Ruby on Rails, Javascript, MySQL)
EZCall provides SAAS scheduling solution especially for hospitals. It was acquired by Kronos in 2015. Worked as software developer for this project. Designed the core schedule auto population algorithm and built several core features including rules management, vacation management, OR schedule management, data analysis reporting systems, web api design for mobile client, etc.

Enservio RestoreMall June 2009 to January 2012

(Ruby on Rails, Javascript, MySQL)
Enservio is an SaaS service which allows insurance customers to enter all their lost items into one place and have their submissions transmit to their adjusters and simultaneously to Enservio’s valuation portal. The work included user registration, claim items management, product search, lose evaluation, etc.

Pep Boys Intranet March 2009 to August 2014

(Ruby on Rails, Javascript, MySQL)
Involved in the implementation of the enterprise-wide intranet portal for Pep Boys. The work included developing the help ticket system, supply and vendor management, store visits survey system, etc.

Vitality Group November 2008 to March 2009

(Ruby on Rails, Javascript, MySQL, Objective-C)
Involved in the work to build a wide variety of systems for the Vitality Group including a complex rules engine which drives the program, an step tracking iOS app and a CMS.

iCHM for Mac and iPhone August 2008 to August 2011

The most popular CHM file reader on Mac OS X and the first CHM file reader on iPhone. I open sourced the project and most of the current CHM readers in iOS/Mac App Store are based on it.

BuddyFeed for iPhone January 2009 to May 2009

An iPhone client app for FriendFeed (a social network service acquired by Facebook). Got positive reviews including MacWorld.

RingtoneFX for iPhone January 2011

A ringtone maker on iPhone.

Open Source Contributor

Besides the projects I open-sourced on github. I also contributed to several open source projects like: couchbase-lite-ios, json-framework, lighttpd, etc.


Chengdu Institute of Computer Application, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Master, Computer Science, 1997 - 2000

Tsinghua University

Bachelor, Electrical Engineer, 1992 - 1997


“Robin is an excellent and highly versatile software developer. In my time working with Robin, he has developed sophisticated, top quality software for both the Web and Mobile, for some of our most important clients. Robin has a great attitude and is always willing to step in and take on a challenge. He has very solid technical skills and a strong work ethic, and he has been able to deliver great software even under challenging circumstances and deadlines. Robin is a team player and he is very reliable and committed to his work. I would highly recommend Robin for any development team or project.” — Wyatt Kapastin, Managing Partner, Productive Edge, managed Yibin (Robin) at IN-SRC Studio

”I’ve worked with Robin for over 5 years and he’s an excellent Rails developers. He’s worked on many applications for us and is a great problem solver, knows Rails well and delivers quality code. I’d recommend Robin to others looking for a quality developer.” — Joel Livet, was Yibin (Robin)’s client

“Robin is a experience professional in web site software architecture. He has extensive experience of using Ruby On Rails and programming on iPhone application. I learn a lot from his experience.” — Erik Chang, was with another company when working with Yibin (Robin) at IN-SRC Studio

“I enjoyed working with Robin. Robin is smart, dedicated, and reliable leader - I could always count on Robin to get things done in the remote team around the world.” — Juhan Lee, managed Yibin (Robin) indirectly at Microsoft/Windows Live China

“Robin is a concientous engineer capable of deeply analyzing requirements and laying out a practical plan of execution. He is sought out as an expert amongst his peers, and provides key insight into challenging technical projects.” — Chad Verbowski, worked directly with Yibin (Robin) at Microsoft/Windows Live China

“Robin Lu was one of the best hires we made at Sun’s China ERI group. He was (and is) one of those rare folks (in China at least) who graduated from the best university in the country, has a very strong grasp of the technology (in terms of both programming skills and industry trends), yet remains a modest individual, passionate about the field, and devoted to changing the world through technology. Many of his contemporaries would have settled nicely into a “good job” at multinationals, content in mopping up the floor after HQ (typically in the US) decides to throw some crumb work eastwards. Not Robin. I would have him work with me any time he is willing … (hint hint :-)” — Li Gong, managed Yibin (Robin) indirectly at Sun Microsystems

“Robin was an outstanding engineer at Sun. Not only he did excellent job on the project he worked on, I was also very impressed by his knowledge and technical capabilities on Internet, social networking, and many other areas - his potential is huge.” — Luke Shi, managed Yibin (Robin) indirectly at Sun Microsystems